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This is Africa at her wildest. Step into Mukutan to discover a world of untamed nature, where animals have only rare encounters with humans, where the only lights you will see are those of your own camp on the way back from a sundowner, where it feels like nature is truly in charge and us humans are privileged visitors.


We invite you to slow down, immerse yourself in this ancient landscape and feel the pulse of life ringing through the night sounds where the rhythms of the day and the cycles of the seasons dictate all our activities. Welcoming  a diversity of visitors is at the core of our mission, whether you seek a serene retreat in the bush, an unparalleled adventure through remote gorges and forests, or an opportunity to give back and participate in our conservation efforts at the ground level.


This is not a place where you will see the ‘Big Five’ in one day surrounded by many other vehicles, but rather a place which will reveal itself to you slowly, allowing for surprise encounters with wildlife and walking expeditions into seldom-visited places. It is the perfect place to begin to understand the true pulse of the African bush, to connect with an ancient and powerful landscape, and to learn what conservation is really all about.


We have a number of different accommodation options available, and offer volunteer programmes at certain times of the year for those who wish to get involved.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."


Albert Einstein


Makena’s Hills sits on the highest point of Mukutan’s escarpment that overlooks Kenya’s Great Rift Valley.  With views that leave visitors awed and humbled by ancient and limitless horizons, the light constantly changes and plays over Lake Baringo and across the Cradle of Humanity. Indeed, being at Makena’s recalls a sense of revisiting our most ancient origins and reawakening forgotten instincts. 


On a clear morning one can see Mt Elgon’s forest clad mass to the west and Mt Kenya’s snowy peaks to the east.  As a guest once said – ‘Drinking my morning tea on the veranda, I felt that this is a place where time is measured in millennia, not minutes’. 


Crafted with soulful attention under Kuki Gallmann’s artistic eye, the communal space is a Bedouin-inspired structure open to the western vista, with cosy fireplaces and contemplative nooks hidden in every corner. Each luxury tent sits tucked into the hillside with a private view of the evocative landscape, furnished carefully with pieces collected on Kuki’s travels, an antique writing desk sitting nearby, awaiting your inspiration. The surrounding hills are perfect for long walks ending in secret spots for sunset overlooking the precipitous Mukutan Gorge. The nearby Engelesha Forest, thick with cedar and huge acacias is brimming with wildlife: colobus monkeys and elusive melanistic leopards, many rare birds and endemic insects. A nearby cottage by a lake is the perfect place to while away an afternoon waiting for elephants and buffalo to come to the water to drink.

Please contact our Reservations Office to book:

+254 735 831 620

+254 701 053 086


The Mukutan Bandas are a charming and affordable option from which to explore the conservancy. 

They are located in the centre of the conservancy, in a small and peaceful savannah frequented by buffalo, elephants, and lions, seen by day and memorably heard by night. With easy access to community and conservation projects and near our offices, you will feel close to the heart of conservancy activities and have opportunities to interact with our incredible team.


They are perfect for adventurous souls looking to explore the vast landscapes of Mukutan, people looking to work remotely for a time, large gatherings, walking safaris, team-building workshops (which we can organise) and specific interest groups such as bird-watchers, volunteers, and researchers. 


The Mukutan bandas are also a perfect option when you’d like to be completely immersed in nature but do not have the time to pack all your camping gear. 




There are 8 bandas, each with two queen beds and a verandah. Bathrooms are simple with long drops and hot bucket showers under the stars.  Outside there is a cosy communal and mess area with a hearty fireplace where guests gather to recount stories of the day’s adventures.


If needed, there is further accommodation for another 30 people in simple dorms nearby.


We can offer the bandas on a full board or self catering basis. 


The bandas are a self-drive option, if you do not have a vehicle please let us know so that we can come up with a plan.

Please contact our Reservations Office to book:

+254 735 831 620

+254 701 053 086