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Mukutan Conservancy is a sanctuary on the Great Rift Valley's eastern rim in Laikipia, Kenya. It offers refuge to countless species of wildlife and hosts a myriad of ecosystems. Covering 88,000 acres of iconic and diverse landscapes it is recognised as a Key Biodiversity Area and an Important Bird Area. Mukutan’s abundant springs serve as a vital water source for Lake Bogoria, Lake Baringo and local communities. 

Mukutan connects the abundant wildlife of the Laikipia Plateau with the vast landscapes and cultures of the Great Rift Valley, the evolutionary birthplace of the homo sapiens and now a culturally rich heartland for pastoral and agrarian communities. The dramatic Mukutan Gorge, which bridges the two biomes, hides caves with early palaeolithic stone tools and ancient ritual sites. 

Mukutan is located at a convergence where six different ethnic communities come together.  We are part of a rich community with whom we share our natural resources and a vision for the thriving future of our ecosystem. 

Mukutan relies on collective efforts, valuing collaboration with communities, organisations, donors and visitors. Committed to inclusivity, we integrate neighbouring communities through dialogue, education and sustainable social enterprises, providing economic opportunities and empowering locals in conservation. This ensures Mukutan thrives as a vital ecosystem, enhancing the well-being of all connected to it.


“Creating the conservancy was my way of honouring the land, of giving back and restoring what had been lost. It became a labour of love, fueled by my passion for this remarkable place."


Kuki Gallmann




Mukutan pioneers a holistic conservation model. A connected formula that is addressing biodiversity protection, community development, and the higher consciousness of humanity, inspiring a global community to join the journey. Our vision extends beyond preservation and protection; we are the stewards of a harmonious ecosystem, a catalyst for empowerment, a sanctuary for the soul and a canvas for creativity.

We exist to integrate Humanity and Nature and strive for a world where biodiversity and well-being thrive side by side, fostering a balanced coexistence.


In a world where conservation often loses its wild essence, Mukutan remains untouched by over-commercialisation.  We embody untamed landscapes, a place of adventure, excitement, hope, and belief in the profound connection between nature and humanity. 


Mukutan envisions a lasting harmony between nature and community. Together, we strive for a future where biodiversity, the environment, and human well-being flourish side by side. 


At Mukutan Conservancy, we’re dedicated to developing an integrated model of landscape conservation and management, working with local communities through education, innovation and social enterprse to protect the unique flora, fauna, soils and water of the eco-system upon which we all depend and thus to foster the regenerative development of the broader landscape of Kenya's Great Rift Valley.



Mukutan acknowledges that investing in biodiversity conservation is not only an ethical imperative but also a prudent strategy for ensuring long-term economic sustainability. By prioritising the protection of ecosystems and their species, we will preserve and enhance natural capital, bolster the resilience of economies, and secure a prosperous future for local communities. 


Our efforts contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, providing a foundation for sustainable enterprises that harness the economic value of natural resources. The conservancy’s biodiversity serves as vital natural capital, yielding essential ecosystem services crucial for human well-being and economic development. This aligns with numerous studies highlighting the economic benefits of biodiversity protection and sustainable uses of natural capital. 

Whilst maintaining the integrity of the natural environment, Mukutan embraces sustainable enterprises that contribute to local livelihoods, creates employment opportunities and promotes economic growth. Mukutan has become a catalyst for community well-being, providing education, healthcare and vital services to local communities, whilst becoming an anchor for peace and dialogue amongst different communities.